Frugal February: Exercising on a Budget

ImageFat Tuesday has come and gone, and we are all a few pounds heavier.  Now is the perfect time to pick up those free weights and start shredding some LBs.  You gotta get in shape before beach season, right? Although Cleveland is known for its frigid weather (and this year is no exception), take advantage of those pleasantly mild days and go for a jog with a friend, significant other, or solo and get some fresh air! There are great places around Cleveland to go for jogs. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Lakewood Park: Lakewood

2. Chagrin Metroparks: Chagrin Falls

3. Metroparks Polo Fields: Moreland Hills

4. Your local track

5. Bratenahl: Jog by the monstrous mansions that you will one day be able to afford after using all of our Cheapskate tips

6.Cleveland Metroparks Rocky River Reservation

If jogging isn’t your thing, we have stumbled upon extremely cheap workout equipment at various stores in the area.  For the true cheapskates, check out Five Below.  They have jump ropes, yoga mats, free weights, and even workout DVDs.  TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are also known to have more dependable equipment including yoga mats, DVDs, stability balls, resistance bands, and a wide variety of exercise clothing for both men and women. Don’t forget about Big Lots either.  They’ve got the same gadgets that Five Below does for similar prices.  Start losing some pounds and gaining some pennies!

If we have any yogis out there reading our blog, many yoga studios in the area have discount prices for first-time joiners or even one free class! Bring out that inner-cheapskate and hop around to the different studios in Cleveland to take advantage of these beginners’ rates and brush up on your Warrior I.


One response to “Frugal February: Exercising on a Budget

  1. Extremecheapsk8er

    Thank you for all the great advice! I also go to Big Lots but I find it easier to sneak work out equipment with my big puffy jacket. Also my neighbor Jack (he is clueless) has an awesome bench press and elliptical in his garage. Nothing that a well placed bobbing pin can’t fix. I recommend everyone to find a neighbor like Jack and use their equipment for free. Happy Vday 🙂

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